Wide Open Wednesday

I'm posting this picture for no other reason than I like it... K2 is not stressed out by nursing school in this shot. Cassie is perched on her shoulder like a sleeping parrot and Maddie is sporting her gorgeous smile!

Last Saturday, TOG (the old goat), K3 and I stood in line at the post office for two hours. They were having a passport event and we decided to get passports instead of those silly state drivers licenses that can only get you into Canada and back!

I mean Canada is a given. TOG and I enjoy spending time up there and we did commit to marching in The Baroness' Semi Colon army this summer...

But the selling point on getting the passport was because of an upcoming occasion.

Last night as we dined at The Pub, we toasted each other and discussed our plans for this winter. You see, TOG and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary.

I have two feelings about this...

  1. I'm incredibly old or a child bride
  2. 30 years? Now there's something that doesn't happen every day!

TOG and I are going with number two.

And that means that just this once, Canada won't do. TOG wants to make a big deal out of it. He would like to go somewhere warm. I would like to go to Ireland. TOG would like to consider lovely beaches. I would like to be able to breathe. TOG would like to go somewhere scenic so I can wear out my camera. I would like somewhere go scenic.... and to be able to breathe.

He suggested Australia, Easter Island, Thailand and Japan.

We both nixed China (pollution), Egypt (pollution), France (too smoky) and Pakistan (civil unrest)

I nixed anything with jungles (humidity) or high elevations (asthma attacks)

He nixed anything that required a jacket (goodbye Ireland)

We're open to suggestions. The criteria:

AG must be able to breathe (no pollution, no undue humidity, no high elevations)

It must be warm.

It must be scenic.


AG out!