This and That Thursday

  • My boss has been gone all week and it's blessedly quiet at work
  • I think I may need a new pair of shoes, but I'm not sure
  • I find the news more and more depressing to watch
  • Ann Coulter makes me crazy
  • I really need new tires for my car
  • My MarioKart skills are improving (barely)
  • I'm totally digging the kids being home from Arizona
  • They brought lemons, tangerines and grapefruit back with them
  • Mmmm, lemon cake!
  • The new Photoshop looks much different than the one I'm barely functional on...
  • iMom is coming over tonight for hair color and a nice chat! (this time for sure!)
  • My house is a disaster!
  • Deadliest Catch "CatchCon" event is coming up again. I'd love to score tickets!
  • I've got the whole love/hate relationship going on with my hair

And now to go get ready for work...

What's on your list today?