The Food Drawer

I don't know if we all have a food drawer at work, but I do... and here it is. I have a food drawer for two reasons:

One: I work on the outskirts of a fairly small town. With no onsite cafeteria or food within walking distance, I have to either bring my lunch or drive into town to buy something. Yes, you would think good planning would be enough, but if I don't bring lunch and the server goes down, I don't get to drive anywhere! I have to rely on what I've got stashed or the kindness of my co-workers!

Two: As an agency that serves people with disabilities, we're required to have emergency non-perishable food on premises in case of a natural disaster. We have the main stash of food, but each employee is encouraged to have their own as well.

Mine has become pathetic. It creeps up on you. You open the drawer and realize that you don't have any fruit cups left, or apple sauce, or soup (just the dehydrated packets). Even the granola bar pickings are getting slim. I'm afraid with all the recent server glitches, I've hit my stash pretty hard!

Do you have a food drawer? Inquiring minds want to know! What's in yours?