That which blooms

With the girls off in Arizona, TOG and I got to spend the weekend alone... something that happens... um, never. Well, unless we take off and go somewhere. But to spend it at home... yeah, I'm going with never.

Admittedly, we thought that by the time we reached the, um... delicate ages that we've reached, respectively, that we'd have time alone together. We realize that may not come to pass due to our little K3.

And that's okay.

One of our conversations this weekend took us down memory lane, being young, having babies and assuming that all would be well and they'd carve out a path and go on to live their own life. When you realize that might not be the case, it's such a heartbreak, not for yourselves, but for the child... how different their life experience would be and worrying over whether they'd be happy and fulfilled...

TOG and I are down to just feeling fortunate... fortunate to have three daughters. Fortunate that they're all healthy. And for our little K3 (who admittedly is not so little anymore at 19) we're fortunate she's alive after last fall. We're fortunate that she feels happy in her family life... loved, that she has interests, that she has her puppies...

Her path may not be the one we envisioned, but we are enjoying watching her bloom just as her sisters before her did!

AG out!

PS~ Now if I could get the youngest two home... they appear to be waiting at the Phoenix airport without assigned seating on their flight. Thanks Priceline.