Sound the Alarm!


 I may have mentioned that I work in a Valley. One of the benefits of working in the valley other than the lung wrecking air quality is the gorgeous view of the mountain (see above).

But the mountain is not the only thing I see on my way to work each morning. I also see this:

I know you are asking yourself does this woman have nothing better to do what kind of contraption that might be...

This is our local lahar warning system.

[editor's note: lahar: A wet mass of volcanic fragments flowing rapidly downhill. Lahars usually contain ash, breccia, and boulders mixed with rainwater or with river or lake water displaced by the lava flow associated with the volcano.]

Mount Rainier is actually a live volcano. Not unlike her sister peak Mount St. Helens who erupted in 1980. Fortunately for us, Rainier is taking a good long nap. However, in the event she wakes up any time soon, the powers that be have installed a lahar warning system throughout the valley so that the population can attempt to make it to higher ground should she blow.

Thus ends this glimpse into the easily fascinated mind of Asthmagirl interesting local details of my world. Try to remain calm.

AG out!

PS ~ Thank you for asking, K3 is doing well although heartily tired of soft foods and frustrated by her attempts to eat anything firmer than cream of wheat. Sigh...