K3 continues to improve.

Yesterday as I was driving her to school, we talked about road crossing lessons. K3 isn't confident crossing roads right now (little wonder) and I told her I would give her some coaching.

Me: So how about we practice crossing the road?

K3: When?

Me: Tonight? When I get home from work?

K3: OK.... [long pause]

K3: (horrified voice)Wait... what about dinner?

Now that she can eat again, K3 is very in tune with meal time!

It will be awhile before she can bite into anything like pizza, but pasta and grilled vegetables are very good to her right now. We tried orzo the other night and that was awesome!

The first road crossing lesson went well. Tonight we will have K2 drive up and down the street with her car and see if K3 makes good crossing decisions! K2 is under strict instructions not to mow her down!

To reward me for the giving her lessons... K3 made these:


I love that kid!

AG out!

PS ~ She can bite a cookie...!