You're soaking in it

Thanks to the probiotics my friend KT at work recommended, I am keeping one of the antibiotics down. The lab work came back and the infection is indeed MRSA. It is sensitive to the antibiotic I'm currently taking.

Unfortunately, Dr. M (who calls daily to check on me) believes there is still a pocket of infection. After several conversations, I believe he subscribes to the school of thought "Load your weapons! If it won't surrender, we're going in after it!" This is a very new and unattractive side to his character.

On the other hand, TOG says I should let him Ginsu my arm if that would resolve the issue. I suppose it's a better option than letting the MRSA go all medieval on me... but still...

I want to believe the antibiotics will work, but most of all, I would like my arm back. Hot packing it all weekend leaves a lot to be desired.

Off to boil my clothes and bleach the washing machine.

AG out!

PS~ Thank goodness I have the Olympics to distract me! Who would have thought the US would do so well... Um, Baroness? Sorry about the hockey thing. It was an accident.

PPS~ Deadliest Catch marathon anyone? RIP Captain Phil!