The Meteor

Not so long ago, following K3's being run over, TOG's bout with swine flu and the loss of TOG's step dad, Asthmagirl's boss took her out to lunch.

Asthmagirl must preface this further by saying that her boss inherited her from the CEO who retired last year. Thus althought they have worked together for 6 years, they have not worked TOGETHER. Their working relationship is still developing. So when he said lets go to lunch, she was not sure what to expect.]

After discussing the minor upheaval which was (is?) her life and how it might be handled at work, he looked at her and said "I swear I don't know what will happen to you next. I expect to recieve a call some morning saying that you can't come in because a meteor has struck your house."

Yet another digression here... Asthmagirl cannot seem to tell a story in sequence to save her life.

You know those people that have an occurrence in their life and then say things like "I knew it would happen to me!"? Asthmagirl is not that person. She is always utterly surprised because her glass is half full, is it not? This is why she never recognizes the Asthma Lungs barreling toward her until it is too late to dodge them.

So there the comment hung and Asthmagirl found herself rather amused by it. So much so that she shared it with a comrade at work, KT. Oh how they laughed... A meteor... [insert lilting laughter]. Then they joked about it. Was this the meteor? Was that the meteor? [insert more laughter except this time a scoffing guffaw, cuz REALLY...!]

And the reason Asthmagirl could joke about it so readily was that she never expected the meteor. Glass half full and all that... Thus, no one could be more surprised than our wheezy heroine to have the meteor knock on the door (metaphorically) and announce "It is I!"

As it turns out... Asthmagirl had a boo boo in her arm pit which TOG assured her was from over shaving. Except she hadn't. (what with caring for K3 and all, Asthmagirl has neglected certain procedures and is regretfylly rockin' 'a 5 o' clock shadow') So she went to the rookie Dr. because she didn't have time to drive all those miles to see Dr. M because K3 was having surgery the next day. The rookie Dr. said "this too shall pass" and Asthmagirl heaved a great sigh (as much as the lungs will allow) and thought 'crisis averted'! There was much rejoicing!

And then it came back except it was like it was Barry Bonds on a steroid bender and it was all going medevil on her arm. So finally TOG drove the feisty and reluctant AG to Dr M's yesterday. AG was fully prepared for "this too shall pass" and instead got "we better swab you for MRSA".

Asthmagirl is now taking 3 different antibiotics and drinking a barrel gallon (3.78 liters for my Canadian readers) of water with each dose. Her glass is more than half full, it runneth over! And even through the the thick frames of her rose colored glasses, Asthmagirl is pretty sure she recognizes the meteor.

It was laughing at her...

AG out!

[Asthmagirl sincerely hopes that you will laugh with her. It really is funny!]