It's true... The Olde Goate and I do not celebrate Valentines Day. We're slackers...

It started simply enough with TOG's statement to me early on in our relationship that having a mandated day of celebration just didn't work for him.

My response was relief.

Relief that I didn't have to find a way to make the day special. And I won't be gooey and say every day is special... because they aren't. Some days are hard, and some are frustrating, and some are rewarding, and some are just busy... and some are priceless.

The best ones are usually in Canada... our home away from home. Our getaway. Where we can just be...



We're not much on the public celebrations...

It works for us.

However, I know a lot of folks do enjoy the celebration... Wishing all of you that do the happiest of Valentines Days!

AG out!