Getting Ready

This morning is staff meeting day, so I'm out of here soon.

Yesterday was a tough day with the break in and burglury at work. We lost over $3000 worth of landscaping equipment including adaptive equipment. Its hard for me to think of the crews and how they'll work with fewer tools, but it's also difficult as the fundraiser to think of writing grants to replace the equipment. And yeah... it makes a dent in my holiday spirit as well. Ugh.

In the meantime, TOG and I have plans for the weekend. We're leaving in the morning to see Roger Watters in Canada tomorrow night. Something about Pink Floyd.... And yes, I will be seeing the lovely Baroness as well.

I might be am far more excited about that than the concert!

What are you excited for this weekend? Help me out... my holiday spirit needs a lift!

AG out

I have to tattle on K3... she was selected Student of the Month at her transition program AND she was rated uber cooperative at her volunteer position at the foodbank! And Christmas is right around the corner! Life is good for our little K3!