This shot was take Friday as I walked out the door from work. Fortunately, I had my camera bag in hand and was able to set the bag down on my car, pull the camera out and take the shot! I didn't crop it. Our building is right next to the railroad tracks and industrial area and I thought it made a nice contrast to the beautiful winter sky.

I know it's technically still fall, but it isn't just the skies that scream "winter!" It's the lungs. Where they had a great rest of the year, now they are remarkably intolerant of 'you name it.' Leaving the Seahawks game yesterday they resented every smoker, the walkway over the diesel trains, the underground transit station, the claustrophoic link rail ride, the cold air, the hike to TOG's mom's house where we left the truck. I hate it when the lungs are pansies.

But I really do appreciate the winter skies! As I drove toward the freeway on Friday, about 2 minutes after this shot was taken, that beautiful pink sky was gone.

Another indicator of how fast the sun sets in the winter!

How was your weekend?

AG out!