A wee bit of gratitude...

Yesterday was a bit of whirlwind. The sore throat/sinus explosion caught me off guard. When I got up yesterday morning, K2 mentioned that her RN internship class the previous day had been on managing chronic disease, specifically sinus infections in asthmatics. She urged me to contact Dr. M.

As it turns out, Dr. M was booked until next week. So I emailed him asking if I should be seen and mentioning his schedule. 30 minutes later I get a phone call from his nurse with an appointment available in two hours.

And yes I had a sinus infection. And yes K2 was right. And yes, Dr. M is the best doctor ever.

And as soon as my face stops hurting, I'm going to feel more grateful than ever!

Off to work to put together the grant that's due today.

Hoping to feel well enough to put the tree up this weekend.

What are your plans?

AG out!