Merry and Ho Ho!

I had some shots I wanted to take last night, but left my camera at work, along with shots I took this weekend.

I took this shot of Cassie last week. She's a really hard color to shoot... unless you get some of the blond undercoat. Otherwise all of her top coat, eyes and nose are the same color. And I forget how awesome her ears are sometimes... they get lost under all that hair! She has great Chihuahua ears!

I'm waiting for some additional presents to come in the mail so I can finish my wrapping. I started getting presents under the tree but still haven't finished the living room decor.... or the dining room. I don't know why I haven't kicked it out yet. Or finished unpacking...

Made cookies with K2 again last night. Wrapping and vacuuming tonight. Computer install tomorrow. Client Christmas party Thursday... Manager Christmas party Friday... This season can be very draining!

Are you ready? I need to hear that someone has their list checked off! Help me out!

AG out!