Looking ahead

Yes, Mount Rainier is still my favorite sight. If it didn't stick up like this, taunting me during my drive to work on clear mornings, I'd probably notice other things!

This was captured Friday morning. There's just something about winter light. It's so directional and causes the one side of the mountain to almost look like fire. But the rest is cast in this beautiful glow. Sigh....

In other news, we're in a two week count down to the auction. Where recently, I've been having a hard time finding time to visit everyone in blog land, I might now be wrestling with my own blogging time as the auction nears. I may even lack for non auction related topics!

So please bear with me. My goal is not just to produce a great event, but to retain my cherub-like demeanor in the process. Last year, I fear I got a little tense!

Have an awesome, fun filled Monday!

AG out!