Looney Tunes and Photography

K3 loves Looney Tunes! One of her favorites is the hunting season sketch with Bugs and Daffy...

It's Rabbit Season!

It's Duck Season!

Rabbit Season!

Duck Season!

It's Fiddler Crab Season! I'm a Fiddler Crab! Shoot me!

Yes, I have a shot of fiddler crabs somewhere from my first visit to CBW in Virginia. I did not realize they ran across the road in herds!

Yes, I'm rambling...

The thing is, occasionally, someone will say something to me that triggers Looney Tunes cartoons in my head and the lines that make K3 laugh the hardest... like "It's fiddler crab season!"

Earlier this week, the very lovely Baroness told me to shut up. No, not like that. Very kindly and with much love.

Which made me think of the line from one of the cartoons with Bugs and Yosemite Sam... "Shut up shuttin' up!"

Although I claimed to shut up on facebook, I basically stink at shutting up. But I did get on with it. I took ownership of my photography and realized that it's pretty good... and that I should auction it off.

So, I've enlarged and framed the photographs for the auction. The one that you all chose, plus it's sister photograph.

And here they are:

I had them printed in luster instead of sheen because I knew putting them behind glass would give them plenty of sheen...

So thanks...


Thanks for helping me to get over it...

Because the guy where I had the enlargements done... he loved them too.

That's all folks!

AG out!