The Event - closing the loop

I uploaded all the pictures from my camera to my computer at work, so I don't have any here. But I saw these shots this morning in another folder and processed a couple of them. This is August at the pier. I think I was fiddling with the temperature setting on the camera and I ended up taking what could only be called The Blue Series!

I know my blogging took a dive leading up to the event. There was just no way I could keep up. I do want to say that the auction was a success on many levels. There was quite a bit more work to do this year as we made changes to the event such as online ticketing that required daily monitoring and updating. Our new auctioneer also required significantly more information than our last one and while grueling, it definitely played into a more successful outcome!

For me, the auction was more then just a task for work. On a personal level, it resonated that the population my agency serves includes people exactly like my little K3. On a regional level, it paralleled the budget cuts my state is making in order to to align spending with falling revenues. Unfortunately, my state does not protect disability services from budget cuts, so as budgets tighten, disability services take an inevitable hit. For people with disabilities it means that some may no longer receive services and that new enrollees may be qualified but not given services due to reduced funding. It is also possible that some disability agencies may not survive upcoming cuts (not us) and other agencies (us) may be asked to serve their clients.

Having painted a gloomy picture, I want to tell you that we raised almost $65,000 at the auction! If you played a part of that, thank you, thank you!

I have had one person ask me and yes, if you wish to make a donation, you may. Please don't consider that you should or must. Giving should be from the heart and goodness knows there are so many in need right now. But if you are interested, message me and I will happily tell you how.

I am still recovering mentally from the auction and can't believe the holidays are upon us. Are you ready this year? Feeling the groove? I'm not quite there yet!

AG out!