Re Editing

This is a re-edit of a shot I took 2 weeks ago. I really disliked the original edit, but with the auction so close, it wasn't a priority to sit down and re-edit it.

However... with your feedback on the shots I posted here I went ahead and edited some shots for the auction. Except I didn't size them correctly so when I picked them up from photo printing, I was a little disappointed.

So yesterday during what passes for my lunch time, I edited photos instead of commenting on blogs.

Today, I have to pick up some donations from the auction and I hope to swing by the photo printer to pick up my new prints. If they're correct, then I'll post the selections on the blog.

I'm a little nervous, because I don't think they'll sell. But I'll never know if I don't put them out there!

AG out!

PS~ You voted, right?