Fire on the Mountain!

I caught this shot racing in early Friday morning when the server was down. The clouds were flirting with the sunrise as I drove south through the valley and when I pulled off the freeway I took a moment to capture this. A truck driver sat about 10 feet away looking at me like I was dope... which of course, I am!

In other news, the auction draws closer and I'm sleeping worse and worse. It's not stress so much as I'm feeling pretty good about the preparations. I think it's just because my brain is so busy, even on weekends. I started outlining a meeting agenda during the Seahawks game yesterday while I was tweeting with other fans. Multitasking at it's finest!

I'll try to get in another post or two this week.

For those of you that like guessing, the theme of the auction is a night in Hollywood. Guess who I'm going as? Hint: think about my hair!

AG out!

PS~ Thanks for sticking with me on this. I'm sorry I'm not a good blogger right now. Edited the photo at 11:30 last night... running on about 4 hours of sleep. Thank goodness for coffee!