Preparation T

Remember our "no reservations" trip to Yellowstone...? Our night in Jackson Hole?

How about that fun filled night in Boise?

Courtesy of this bad boy? (this is merely a stand in salad, not the actual culprit)

How to put this delicately? Things have not been running smoothly since Jackson Hole.

Asthmagirl has grown tired of all the knocking and pinging and agreed to let a professional examine the junk in her trunk. Just to verify her power train warranty.

Today is the day that Asthmagirl preprares her trunk for the visit.

Word on the street is that clean pipes are the way to go.

Asthmagirl will be running high octane clear fluids through her pipes today.

Tonight, she'll clear out any remaining sludge.

Tomorrow morning, about this time, Asthmagirl will go up on the lift.

She understands she won't remember much of it.

But she believes they're going to look at her bi-level purge valve and her over-pressure safety switch.

She doesn't care as long as her trunk is re-certified as low emissions.

Yours in combined fuel economy,


PS ~ Next time, I'm ordering a burger.