Preparation K

This week has been crazy, but crazy busy. The auction is going well, but it's like I could work 20 hours a day and there'd still be the same amount of work tomorrow. So I'm trying to just pace myself for now. I'm working early and working late and still trying to squeeze some quality time in with K3.

Last night we went in together on Pizza. (I've hired K3 to do the dishes two days a week so I don't have to! This gives her a little spending money.) Afterwards, I tried to teach her how to play cribbage. She was a little leary because TOG told her I cheat. This is sour grapes because he can't beat me. So we played a few hands and then she said she was done. She looked me right in the eye with that unwavering honesty she has and said "I don't know why dad says you cheat, you're just lucky!"

I love that kid!

We have less than a week left before we sit down with the doctor and go over the tests and learn her diagnosis. In a way, I feel like her future is very much at stake with this diagnosis... how much or how little help she'll get, overall expectations, prognosis... the whole thing. In recent years, I've been very happy not having a word to apply to my little K3 yet now I'll get one. And while it won't change a thing about who she is, I'm kind of sad about it because people attach all sorts of belief to words and whatever the word is, that's what people that don't know her will believe about her.

The bright side to this situation is that it won't change a thing about how K3 sees herself. We prepared her well and she came through all the testing with a strong sense of self. I think she'll be okay with whatever the diagnosis is.

But we're taking Maddie with us to the final meeting, just in case! There's nothing like the united front of a girl and my her dog!

AG out!