Preparation F

The above picture is Mount Rainier. And I took it while I was on an errand for work. And it is the lead in for the next installment in our Preparation week! in this case; Preparation F, in which F is for Fundraiser.

Last year I was in charge of the fundraiser. Afterwards, my boss told the team that one person could not know everything and that even though I would again be in charge, we were delegating specific duties next year. Which we did. But when people don't (for a variety of reasons, some very legitimate) meet their obligations, the work still has to be done... some of it is time sensitive.

So this year is much like last year in that regard. However, one of our improvements was hiring an ace auctioneer who has spent much of the year coaching us, doing work groups and dispensing huge portions of her auctioneer's "manifesto" which are timeless and will be useful for years to come!

The auction is now 7 weeks out. I confess that once I cross the border into my office, it is very much like getting sucked into a swirling vortex of marketing, contacts, sponsorship wooing (or blackmailing), donation wrangling and spreadsheet tracking. Each day, I hope for a stable server and no tech issues because there is still so much to be done for the auction.

So if you notice me lagging (as I have been) on my blogging, or if I haven't commented daily on your blog (guilty) please know that it is because I no longer have spare time. At lunch. I close my door and try to scarf down whatever I've brought and hope for 5 minutes to listen to my messages before someone pounds on my door wanting to know what color the table cloths will be (red) or how many coffee baskets we have (7) or if there are ladders at the facility (there are) or whether their guy's donation has shown up yet (it hasn't).

So yes, I'm deeply involved in Preparation F and still hoping to hit all my goals. If anyone wants to see the auction website or peek at the hotsheet, email me seperately!

Yours in auction wrangling...