Preparation A

This is the first in a series on preparation I decided to do this week. This morning's post is about preparation for winter weather.

Here in the Pacific NW, we tend to have pretty mild winters. Yes, there's usually quite a bit of rain and some occasional flooding around Thanksgiving. A couple hours of snow can set the whole region abuzz and strand cars for miles. The occasional mild windstorm in December is no surprise.

But folks here rarely prepare for any kind of serious weather because it occurs so rarely. Try to find someone who carries tire chains, or even puts snow tires on. Or ask someone if they have a flashlight with batteries... or a camp stove they can use on the patio if the power goes out.

This morning in our local paper (which I read online), we had an article about expecting harsher weather this year. Our county has teamed up with local businesses to do a low budget Facebook campaign based on hitting the younger generation and asking them to turn down their music prepare for a rough winter.

Which made me thing about our own lack of preparation. Short of an earthquake, our gas and water will work. So I have no excuse not to can cook, take hot showers and have a gas fireplace for warmth. I bought a battery operated lantern after 2008 but I'm not sure I have batteries. I'm not sure my battery operated radio still works either. I bought a french press so I can make coffee, but I think I need to stock up on soups and instant oatmeal and hot cocoa. And I need a water filter in case the one on my fridge doesn't work if we lose power.

So yeah, I'm going to get ready. Do you prepare? Are you prepared for a La Nina weather pattern this winter?

AG out?