The last one...

Earlier this year I got several calls from K3's "after high school" program asking me for information on how to work with her. At the time, I was a little frustrated because it seemed like they had no clue that she even had disabilities and yet they'd had her for a year and seen the accident right in front of the school. I called back after the last conversation because I wanted to ask some additional questions. I spoke with the teacher I always spoke with after K3's accident. Oh... she couldn't speak to me about that. I'd have to talk to the main teacher. I was told when she'd be in. I called and she wasn't. I left a message. I got a very polite "we're not really at liberty to discuss details with you. We will call you if we have additional questions" message back.

Of course I stewed at TOG and he thought perhaps I was being too forward and we ought to see how things went. So I stepped back.

This week, K3 told her main teacher about the testing we completed. I assume the teacher pumped her for information and got K3's "Well, I know my brain works differently than anyone else's" response. So the teacher tells her that she has an IEP meeting for K3 this week and she'd like me to attend. Would K3 invite me? And they could work it around my schedule...

TOG and I both get the irony that we weren't even invited to K3's IEP meeting last year. And we know the only reason I'm invited now is so they can get details on K3's diagnosis. And that would be a little more understandable if they hadn't so thoroughly blown me off a few months ago when I tried to help.

I'm feeling a little bitter.

And since it's their last 9 months with her before she ages out of the school system, I'm not clear on the benefit of disclosing information to them. I don't think they'll do anything different.

But it's the last IEP I'll ever do for K3, so I'll be as pleasant as possible. And besides, Karma is a bitch, and as we start our next process I've got similar meetings coming up with the Division of Developmental Disabilties.


AG out!