I have a plan!

I don't know what I'll do the day after election day when all the political commercials stop.

Yes, I think I'm addicted.

TOG had a word with me... not quite an intervention, but I got the message.

No more flipping from channel to channel trying to see who is a reckless spender, who doesn't want me to have health care, who wants to take away my rights and even worse.... who's not on my side. GASP!

Frankly, after watching some of these messages for 800th time, I'm both shocked and appalled that some of these people are allowed out on the streets much less considered eligible for public office.

I thought about tapering off, but I've devised a plan. I'm going to immerse myself over the next week. Yes, I'm going to wallow in the messages... really dig in and see who has a plan for my state, who's a three time loser and shouldn't be allowed to represent me, who's going to protect our most vulnerable citizens and best of all, who really cares about my issues. (I have issues?)

If all goes as planned, the immersion therapy should make the withdrawal a little easier a week from today.

I'm Asthmagirl and I approved this message.

AG out!

PS~ My PAC would like to thank all the commenters yesterday for making me feel so good. If I could hug y'all I would!