Over the weekend, TOG and I spent some time adjusting to K3's diagnosis and talking about how to plan for it. Since the diagnosis happened mid week, he was either waking up early trying to talk to me or I was staying up late trying to talk with him. Having time to process together was very positive!

As much as we've always known what K3's issues were, having it spelled out for us and understanding which of her challenges might get better and which are 'as good as it gets' simultaneously helped to clarify some of the steps we need to take for the future and succeeded in scaring the crap out of us. TOG particularly had a couple nightmares which I totally get. There's normal fears, and then there's having your fears defined and waved in front of your eyes!

However, I don't want to paint too gloomy of a picture. K3 seems far more relaxed and at ease then I've seen her in a while. It is a big step for her to go from knowing she's different but not understanding how or why to understanding what does and doesn't work for her.

I spent a long time looking for the right picture this morning. The picture above reminds me of how much joy she has in her heart... And it makes me wish she could find a full time job as a whale tale holder!

How was your weekend?

AG out!

PS ~ Seahawks won!