The Football Analogy

This is Ben Hamilton. He  plays for the Seahawks. I have permission from Rod Mar, (Rod Mar is the Seahawks photographer and took this shot following the Seahawks win over Chicago last week), to use the photo.

I like Ben Hamilton. He's an offensive lineman, meaning he protects the quarterback. He's a seasoned professional, having been in the league several years. I like the fact that he has fire in his eyes!

Clearly he keeps playing in spite of injuries.

I'm no Ben Hamilton. I'm a mild mannered asthmatic football fan with a blog and a daughter with disabilities.

But I think sometimes, every now and then... I might have a very similar look in my eye when advocating for my daughter.

Thanks Rod Mar! Thanks Ben Hamilton! Thanks for putting an image with how I feel sometimes!

AG out!

PS ~ Sometime, I wouldn't mind being Rod Mar's game day minion if it meant I could learn more about how he shoots!