The Assignment

Madeline here...

Word from Mom is that I'm accompanying the Blonde Girl to her appointment this afternoon at her special 'vet'.

Apparently, this is the kind of vet that talks a lot and asks you questions, not the kind that sticks a thermometer up your... um... you know...

I don't know anything about the talking kind of vet, my mom always takes me to the other kind. All I know is that they make the Blonde Girl stressed out and she's supposed to hear some kind of news this afternoon.

As long as she comes home with all her teeth, that's all I care about. I worked my Chihuahua butt to the bone last fall getting her through that debacle. Back then she was seeing the kind of vet that glued her bones together. Something I plan to avoid...

Anyway, Mom says that if the Blonde Girl can sit and hold me while she hears this "news" it should make things easier.

I'm telling you, a Chihuahua's work is never done.

Madeline out!

PS~ If the talking vet brings her Pit Bull, I will make "Devil Face!" That's how I roll!