Early Day

Yesterday was staff meeting day and I zoomed out of here without a post. Being so close to the auction, I had quite a bit of information to cover for the staff meeting and wanted to be prepared.

On the up side, with the days getting shorter, I pretty much have to be on the road early to catch a decent sunrise. This was my gift yesterday and I'm glad I took the time to stop and shoot it even with all the bagels and coffee and scones sitting in the passenger seat yelling "Hey Lady! There's people waiting for us! We don't have time for this!"

Hush! There's always time for stop and admire a sight like this!

Looking forward to my weekend which I suspect will include yard cleanup and a trip to Costco. We finally turned the furnace on!

What's on line for your weekend?

AG out!

PS~ Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and honesty about the shots I posted. I really appreciate it and am close to selecting the ones to mat and frame for the auction. Thank you all so much!