Your thoughts?

For the first time, I'm considering putting some of my shots in the upcoming auction. There are a few folks at work that have seen my photograpy and are encouraging me to enlarge and frame a few prints.

I am only considering it, because some of my shots make me pretty happy. If they make other people happy, then that's cool. But I wouldn't be heartbroken if they didn't sell well.

So, I'd love your feedback. I'm posting a few of the shots I think might be good enough. Some of them, like the one above (#1), I think are good in a sequence of similar shots But I'm not sure they are good enough to stand alone.

This is a favorite... but is it compelling enough...? #2

What about this one? #3

Or Mt. Rainier #4

Sekui? #5

Queens Creek? #6

Something like this? #7

What do you think?

AG out!