• When I buy a new set of measuring cups where do half of them disappear to a year later? Is there some measuring crisis in another room of the house that I don't know about?
  • Why are my cheeks always pink even when I'm not having a hot flash. As someone who was perpetually pale, this seems odd...
  • Why does oatmeal look so bad but taste so good?
  • How big does a grape have to be to make a "jumbo" raisin?
  • Why does Dad's laptop not work in Arizona but when he sends to me it works perfectly... PERFECTLY?
  • Why do my 60,000 mile tires need replaced at 45,000?
  • Will anyone notice if I go to work in my jammies?
  • How did Maddie convince me to get her own Facebook page? 
  • If she had her own social networking site would it be Dogbook or Facedog?
  • Why am I not upstairs getting ready for work?
  • Why doesn't my "to do" list ever get smaller?

What's on your mind today?

AG out!