These two have been bestest buddies for a few years now. Maddie is such a needy little clown. She is my absolute favorite dog and has made such a difference in K3's life. So much so that K3 wanted her in some of her senior pictures...

Because of Maddie, K3 was able for the first time in her life to take on the role of protector (instead of protected). In the shot above, she is 'saving' Maddie from my dad!

Maddie has returned the favor many times, not the least by being K3's "Head Comforter" following her surgeries and convalescence.

Last night I came home from work to find K3 improving nicely from last weeks implants... And Maddie gravely ill in TOG's office. We rushed her to the vet and K3 and I waited and worried until we got the diagnosis that it was a severe intestinal infection and not something terminal as we feared, given the state of the carpets upstairs.

As much as I love that little dog, I think she's even more important to K3, who spent the evening comforting and cuddling her buddy. It's such a joy to see them together...

It's just a bonus that she keeps us safe from squirrels too!