KMOM: Excuse me... Madeline? KMOM here with a few questions for you... Can we talk about the job you're doing? This looks very intense!

Madeline: *stretch* Fine, but if you wake her up, the entire Brute Squad will be very displeased. We're stretched pretty thin here...

KMOM: What kind of work are you doing? Is it difficult?

Madeline: Look, this is very challenging stuff. Every time they bring her home from the surgery, our job is to apply Puppy Presence until she recovers fully. This requires a soft coat, the ability to throw off heat and lots of dedication. Sometimes more than one squad member will be on duty when she feels particularly bad.

KMOM: That is amazing!

Cassie: Tell me about it... I've been pulling an all-nighter.

KMOM: Oh really?

Madeline: Please. She's not qualified to comment. We've got her on the lower extremities as a back up. The serious work is being done up here.

KMOM: Well this is just amazing. Do you ever get a break?

Madeline: Only when her medications are being given. Otherwise, we are on the job 24/7. Now... if you don't mind...

KMOM: Not at all. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Madeline!

Madeline: Next time please call ahead. We really need to eliminate these interruptions if we're going to have the maximum impact.

KMOM: *whispering* This is KMOM signing off from the bedside of K3. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!