Friday's Symphony in Three Parts

Part One:

Happy Birthday K2! 24 years ago, I was the size of a small planet! No time to find and post that picture this morning... but it's all true! You were my largest baby and had tons of dark, dark hair. Over the years, you've been quirky (shoe and sock issues anyone?), sweet, fun, high maintenance and have succeeded in mastering one of the most vibrant tempers I've ever seen. With the graduation from nursing school on the horizon this summer, this is your year! Happy Birthday Bug Lynn!

Part Two:

K3's 3rd surgery is this morning. This will be the removal of all 4 wisdom teeth, the harvesting of bone from the right wisdom teeth sockets and the second bone graft on her front lower jaw to replace the bone she lost following the accident. This is hands down the most painful sugery she is likely to have, with the longest recovery time. We picked up all her meds last night and Madeline is ready for some heavy duty cuddling to speed the healing process. I'm really happy that we are finally getting this step done!

Part Three:

While I have the next few days off to take care of K3, I'll be working on some of my own projects which were derailed at the time of K3's accident. At least that's the plan... we'll see if it fits in with K3's needs. Following her previous surgeries, I found I only had time to keep one of us fed, bathed and medicated and that someone wasn't me! But I've got this process mastered now (ha!) so we'll see. I don't know if I'll be able to fit in blog time, but I'll try!

Have a lovely, lovely Friday!

AG out!

PS ~ The third photo (Puget Sound) was taken at 6 last night, looking west from Redondo past Maury Island with the Olympic Mountain range in the background. The Olympic Mountains can also be seen from Victoria, British Columbia!