Wide Open Wednesday

Welcome to WOW (Wide Open Wednesday)!

I've been thinking about WOW and few other things for several months now and decided to go ahead and just do it...

For me, blogging is an all or nothing. If I don't blog every day, I probably will not blog. This is like a joyous exercise for me... to open up and talk and share. Because if I didn't do this with you, I probably wouldn't do it all. And despite it being "an exercise", I really do enjoy it! It challenges me to filter and grow and be creative and all sorts of good stuff. That and I've met some lovely people.

But (and this is the lead in to today's WOW) I'm aware that I'm not giving it my all.

At the best of times, I'm incredibly self contained. I enjoy socializing (sometimes) and interacting (most of the time) but if it didn't come my way, I'd be fine. I'd bury my face in a book and be fine.

So for me the blog was a step of some significance... a way to reach out and meet people and share and socialize. But it was also very safe because I could choose not to do it whenever I wanted.

And that's unfortunate... because I finally realized that I've spent the bulk of my life waiting for things to come (or not) my way. I don't seek out anything really; friends, family, adventures...etc. If the Baroness had not planted the idea in my brain, I would have never gone to Blogfest. Which would have been unfortunate, because I had the time of my life!

So in blog terms, I took some time off last fall and then got back to posting, but nothing meaningful. I think I've been going through the motions. I haven't expected more and I haven't given more. When I look at me... I haven't been putting myself out there in real life either. Within my own sphere, I'm participating but I don't push for anything and I don't expect anything. Hmmm...

So, there's my first WOW.

The rules of WOW are simple. Feel free to respond, not respond, post a WOW comment of your own, whatever you like!

AG out!