Lessons Learned

If your car's electrical system takes the day off...

a. You will be unable to start it

b. You will be unable to get it out of park and into neutral

c. You will have no steering or brakes when you finally do get it out of gear and your husband pushes it out of the garage

d. You will be unable to open the trunk

e. Your camera will be in the trunk and you have a photo shoot to do for work in 25 minutes

Thank goodness for the tiny hatch in the back seat (behind the armrest) the size of a Chihuahua. After unlocking it with the ignition key, we were able to hook the camera bag strap with a coat hanger and pull it up the hatch and pull the Nikon out.

It was a very exciting day!

AG out!

PS - Bob and his nephew appear to have hit the road. Here's hoping they don't show up in your neighborhood!