A medical conversation...

I wasn't able to get in with Dr. M, so I ended up seeing someone that didn't know me... I saw the back up doctor at our neighborhood clinic.

Dr D: Do you have a cough?

Me: Yes, I named him Bob.

Dr D: You named your cough Bob?

Me: Absolutely.

Dr D: (smiling) Why did you name your cough?

Me: So I would have someone to talk to since we were going to be up all night together.

Dr D: We're going to have to get rid of Bob. He sounds obnoxious.

Me: (appreciating his response) Thank you, I'm so ready to be done with Bob.

It's great to have a Dr. that's willing to have a little fun while they cure your ills. Here's hoping the K pak works.

Yours in healthy thoughts,


PS~ If you can spare some kind thoughts for Tammy who lost her job yesterday and Deb, who is caring for her MIL with Alzheimers, I know they'd appreciate it.