Starting off

I took this shot right before Christmas and fell in love with it as soon as I uploaded it. When I showed it to K2 she said it looked like someone dragged their fingers through the clouds toward the sunrise. I thought it might be the perfect shot to start off the year.

Somewhere in all the hubbub around the holidays, I missed the second anniversary of my blog. I think it was the day of k3's accident. Happy anniversary to Is My Cape Fluttering! That's about all the energy I can muster right now.

K3 is still sleeping. I woke her up at 6am for more pain meds and a jar of baby food. We'll see how she feels when I get her up for breakfast.

I think TOG and I are doing our anniversary dinner tonight. I guess that means I ought to get out of my yoga pants and thermal shirt and glam up.

Right after I give K3 a bath and an ice pack and take the tree down...

I'm in a funk... maybe it's time for online shoe shopping...

AG out!