Catching up

This last week was hectic beyond "the usual"... It started out looking managable even with the vapors coming off my boss' newly stained shelf making my lungs wacky... but by Wednesday morning, things were pretty intense...

The server at work had gone down. Not the usual "crash and recover", but completely "la-la"! This of course was rather hard on staff as they aren't accustomed to prolonged downtime.

Our tech consultant came down and we ultimately determined that the server had blown a main data drive and that even though all the info had moved over to the hot swap spare, we needed to replace the failed drive and rebuild the array. Having done so, we thought everything would work normally. Unfortunately, that was not to be.

On Thursday I had two of our larger teams plus my office without connectivity... and I had to finish the video for the staff "after-holiday" party which was Friday at noon. Baffled by "some got it, some don't", it took until Friday morning to determine that one of the print servers had declared itself a "master browser" for the network and had started handing out bogus addresses to some of the workstations. Once demoted, the rest of the network came up just fine. Fortunately, I'd managed to finish the video late Thursday night and early Friday morning and have it ready for the party at noon.

The party was great and I drove home Friday night ready to enjoy a nice weekend with TOG. Playoff football and Wii bowling were on the agenda. We were both caught off guard when I became violently ill Saturday. I'll spare you the details because they're not fit for public knowledge... gah! Although the worst is over, I'm still very tired and not sure how I'm going to manage work this morning. But with K3's surgery scheduled next week, I've already used up sick leave and am now using vacation, so missing work isn't really an option.

Throughout all of this, I didn't even try to blog. But I did have a lot of time to think and ponder and I have some material in my brain finally. And... it will wait. I just wanted to document all this gunk so I could move forward.

Here's hoping you're all enjoying good health and happiness!