No more sunning myself in the dog days of summer... (cough, cough)

Today I am trying to go back to the office. Hopefully all the paint fumes have cleared. I am not kidding when I say they must have painted our building with the most toxic paint allowed on the market.

To celebrate my attempt to walk back in the building, I've been having asthma nightmares all weekend... the ones where the misty figure stands in front of you and tells you they can cure your asthma and you innocently agree and then they place their bony hand over your face and your chest tightens and you can't breathe and you wake up in the recliner and realize that you really can't breathe. and you start coughing.. I love that dream.

Anyway, the server is down and I gotta take off early.

Please, have a great day!!!

AG out!  

PS~ My previous post about K3? Yes.... I am an expert on dealing with the daughter's boyfriends. But K3 is a different issue in that she is unable to recognize danger and thus would recognize a wiley teenage boy if he were standing in front of her. I might as well tattoo "victim" on her forehead and get it over with.