There's only one word to sum up the last two days... GAH!

Well, maybe sinuses...

Possibly paint....

Late night meetings even.... oh, that's two words.

Never mind.

It's one of those times in life that is perfect for a hug.

Which reminded me of this moment at Seaworld.

The day we walked in, lagging from our 6 am flight, recovering from our $80 brunch (I had oatmeal)...

There was the Seaworld mascot! And there were all these little kids in line to hug him. I looked at K3 and she had that gleam in her eye and I knew she wanted to. So TOG and I egged her on and at last she got in line. Whoever was in that suit knew a 130 pound toddler when he saw one!

First there was this....

Then there was that!

It made her smile.

I still smile thinking of it!

Are you smiling?

AG out!