I know I've been in a funk, barely posting, barely visiting other blogs... Mostly sick, but partially crazy busy.

They painted the building at work and with all the paint smell (and my reaction to it), I have had to work from home for the last week. I know that sounds fun, but it's like running a race with one leg tied behind your back. Even though I can log in remotely to work, I don't have EVERYTHING I need to work smoothly. And I end up feeling guilty because I don't have access to some things that should be taken care of.... That, and I end up starting work at 5:30am since I'm already up and I have so much to do!

But ultimately, the swirling vortex of the last few weeks has inspired me to finally think some positive thoughts...because being gloomy sucks.

I'm so glad that in spite of my freakish lungs, I have all my body parts and they work except my ovaries and lungs and occasionally my brain. I mean, I can hear and see, reach out and hug people, smell Ben's head, tickle the brute squad... life is pretty good when you think of it that way.

I have dogs that fight for cuddle space on my lap when I'm feeling icky and hit the recliner. Talk about feeling loved.

I don't have the flu yet...

My hair is long enough to put in a pony tail when I'm having the occasional hot flash.

In spite of two doses of prednisone and the fact that my lungs didn't allow me to hike or bike this summer (dratted things!), I haven't gained any weight. This mystifies me. It goes against all the laws of nature and my own gluttony...

I still like ice cream. alot...

Ben and I do not laugh at each other's chins.

I've got really cool daughters....

... and the best doctor ever!

And did I mention my adorable grandson???

He's the icing on my already delectable cake. He burped up milk on me the other day and I didn't care.

And he smells just like you imagine he does, except better!

AG out!