Breakfast in Seaworld

One of the special things we did for K3 in Seaworld was to buy tickets to Breakfast with Shamu. Given her lifelong fascination with killer whales our goal was to get her as close to the whales as we possibly could. The dining pool gets you just a couple feet away and K3 could barely eat she was so busy taking pictures!

Not only did they come up and pose for you, but the trainers had them go out and do tricks as well...

We did breakfast on the third day. It was a bit of a challenge drinking coffee in the hot sun when it's already over 80 degrees...

And yes, TOG was pretty burned. We all were to some extent... despite the liberal application of SPF 12,000 several times per day.

Later in the week, we went back and had dinner with Shamu because we learned 3 things...

1. It wasn't THAT much more expensive compared to other food options around the park.

2. The food was amazing!

3. No food lines. We once waited in line over 45 minutes at one of the BBQ places!

AG out!

PS~ I know I have not gotten to very many of your blogs. I'm still struggling with massive nausea and sleep issues. I'll be there soon, I promise.