Bing Bong Ben!

Ben will be arriving around 11:30 this morning via c-section. Probably more like noon by the time they peel back the layers of the onion! (Sorry Sweetie!)

So yesterday I stopped and got K1 two more nursing bras and a nursing nightie and robe so she doesn't have to wear the lovely (yet breezy) hospital gown for too long. She and SIL came over to get the goods last night so she can finish packing her bag. Yes... I took pictures.

When I had K1 so many years ago, we didn't document as well as we could have. The last picture I have of me pregnant is a blurry (thank god) shot of me in a circus tent striped pregnancy bathing suit with my hair up. It was so hot that summer. The records we broke last week were set the summer I was pregnant with K1!

My point (and I do have one) is that I remember thinking that I would be pregnant forever (K1 was three weeks late) and when I wasn't, I had a hard time reminiscing about how huge I was because I had so few pictures, especially late in the pregnancy.

So I really want to document this for her... However, K1 has expressed a preference that I not post any of the pictures that make her look like a small planet. Just for the record, I think it is impossible for a short woman (K1 is 5'3) to carry a 10-11 pound baby and NOT look like a small planet. So this is all I can post this morning....

That is one puffy foot! (disregard dirty carpet- it's been too hot to vacuum!)

I will post when I can. Yes, you can expect pictures of Ben TODAY!

It's a wonderful day, huh?

Euphorically... AG out!