From Alaska

TOG took the D80 up to Alaska on his fishing trip last week. He came back with mostly good shots. The learning curve on the D80 meant that some of the shots just weren't quite in focus... which is unfortunate because I think he has a real eye.

So I snuck into my old camera case and downloaded a few shots! Wanna see?

This first shot is Ketchikan at night. Or early in the morning. Or dusk. Not sure. But I'm impressed because he didn't take the tripod and I've had no end of issues shooting lights at night without picking up vibration...

Next we have a shot of this eagle. TOG had caught a small fish and returned it to the sea to live. It wasn't doing well, and was kind of swishing on the surface. It caught the eye of this eagle who did... well... did what eagles do... I think this is the best shot TOG took.

Moving on... here's the obvious shot of TOG holding one of his many salmon. It's a lovely fish. Would you like to know a secret? He tastes good too. I had a little chunk last night and he was delightful!

Finally... TOG took this shot just for me. Because he knew it would set me off.

As a dedicated fan of Deadliest Catch, and a former resident of Alaska, I know where the Bering Sea is. It is NOT near Ketchikan. So these folks are obviously luring the tourists off the cruise ships for....

...their official "Bering Sea Crab Fisherman's Tour"... In Ketchikan. I don't know what part of the Bering Sea they're going to be shown on an excursion from Ketchikan... and yes, TOG was right. I'm outraged.

Thanks Honey.... for letting me show off your shots! Even though I didn't ask. I'm sure if I had, you would have said yes. Right? Honey? Sweetheart?

Asthmagirl out!