In a week, I'll be climbing on a plane with The Baroness and winging my way to Virginia to attend BlogFest.

I'm not excited or anything. Today I bought these sandals online...

I was going to buy them last month but I spent my shoe money on a new lens. Actually I spent the next two years of shoe money on this lens... but these were on sale so I bought them anyway. Naughty!

I'd like to be getting the suitcases down to pack, but I've got so much to do right now, really all I can do is look at the suitcase...

This morning I'm driving my Dad and my step mom to the airport at 5:30am. They're off to Texas for a few days. Then I have to wash my face and take off to pick up food as Thursday is also staff meeting day. Thursday night, iMom is coming over to get her hair done.

So maybe this weekend I can start strategizing about which case to take. I've never, ever packed light but I always think "this time for sure".

Anyone else have any tips on packing light? I think I might need the big case just for my sandals and inhalers. And I'm pondering bringing Guido, the laptop... But I'd have to figure out reception.

Okay, enough blather... Gotta hit the road.

Asthmagirl out!