Happy Independence Day!

I have to start out by saying it is NEVER nice here on the 4th of July. Most Seattlites would agree the good weather doesn't rear it's head until after the festivities and fireworks. Usually 'cloud cover' and 'scattered showers' are our by-words for the day. Thus, the fact that it's been in the 80's most of the week is startling, let alone the predicted mid to upper 80's today. We're having to dig out shorts and tank tops!

TOG is back from Alaska and caught many, many fish. He was very surprised when he saw what we did while he was vacationing! The girls and I stained our cedar fence! It took us three days as we did it by hand (no sprayer)! Unfortunately TOG worked a 12 hour shift last night and is now sleeping, so we haven't been able to enjoy his return as much as we would like.

K3 and I and the Brute Squad are heading out to the island to see Dad and other members of the family for our traditional grill fest! I anticipate it will be about 90 at the island but hopefully there will be a breeze. We're having a fireworks free fourth (which makes the asthma happy). We don't do fireworks out on the island and you can't see any fireworks from Dad's house. But if I drive home late enough I should see some as I pass Olympia and Tacoma.

Oh, and a shout out to my "neighbors" in the apartments behind us... I'm really enjoying the M80 firecracker festivities this last week. I had forgotten the traditional "illegal fireworks sneak attack" that leads up to the 4th. The ones y'all set off at 3:30 this morning were very loud indeed! Kudos! The Brute Squad is particularly fond of the multiple launch sequences. I think Fiona must have been in 'Nam as she appears to be reliving some sort of traumatic incendiary rocket attack. Good thing she is unarmed!

Here's hoping that your 4th of July is all that! Enjoy... oh and lets be safe out there!

AG out!