Soft landing

This has been kind of a crazy week... with the hot weather and TOG in Alaska  and the HUGE project the girls and I did while he was gone... all the watering chores, the crazy busy work week...

This morning since I don't have to go to work, I just want to put my feet up and relax. Well I actually wanted to sleep in but that didn't happen! So I got up and started watering the front yard before it gets too hot. And I need to get to the dishes and run to the store. So I'm sitting here in my thinnest jammies, thinking soft thoughts and sweating while I drink coffee and wishing I'd been able to sleep in!

Thus, in the spirit of utter laziness (which consumed me when I wasn't working my butt off this week!) this is all I have to offer today!

The Brute Squad!  

Yawning Fiona! (and the lovely K2/Girlfriend)

Cassie and her curling toe hair!


Maddie (my beloved dork) stranded on the stairs because she won't set foot on the hardwood floor at the bottom of the staircase!

Here's hoping you have your own soft landing today. And big puppy eyes staring at you!  

AG out!