The Weemaw update

Ben is still not here. At all. Not only does he have a recliner and a big screen TV... but I think he's got the kiddie pool with the little slide and possibly his own ice cream parlor! I'm pretty sure K1 could play ice hockey and still not shake him loose. (K1- please don't test this theory)

I think because I'm waiting that I haven't really addressed how a first time Weemaw prepares for her grandson. Fortunately, I have some good friends that are showing me the way.

On the way back from Virginia, I had been looking forward to seeing Deb in Atlanta. We weren't able to connect, so she ended up sending me this....

She made it for us...

The Old Goat and I were pretty choked up as we looked at the beautiful pages. Somehow it makes the imminent grand-parenty thing all the more real. And thankfully Deb noted where I am to glue the pictures, otherwise I'd probably mess that up. That crafty gene totally eludes me!

On the way to Virginia, The Baroness stayed the night at our hovel house and she brought this lovely gift which I've yet to acknowledge properly, I think. I'm pretty sure I thanked her but it was 4 in the morning and my "thank you" might have sounded more like "get me some coffee now!"

These beautiful little ABC cards are so adorable and not your average "a is for apple" thing. The art is just lovely...


I can totally see Ben sitting on my lap trying to shove these in his mouth while I chant "f is for fort, p is for porkchop!"

So thank you Shelley and Deb! You've inspired me to start considering the things I need for this whole Grandma thing!



PS- Deb is having a giveaway... you should see this!