The secret

I've figured out over the last year that drinking wine is an issue for me. I can't handle the sulfites I guess... No, that's not the secret. Keep reading.

And while I like tasting craft ales and micro brews, I'm not really a beer girl. Still not the secret....

And trendy drinks like cosmos have very unfortunate consequences. Not a secret at all...!

So I'm a real fan of hard cider. I first tried it in Canada and fell in love. I drink it at the brew pub all the time!

The one thing that I wanted at Blog Fest was a few ciders to sip with my friends. So I finally asked Lauren what was available on the east coast and she found Original Sin hard cider.

Oh my!

It was so good, that at the end of Blog Fest, I thought I'd see how well it traveled. Worst case scenario, it broke in my luggage and my tank tops became intoxicated. Or TSA would confiscate it. So I stuck it in my socks. Why I brought work out sox but no shoes is beyond me. I was packing frantically at the end!

So... the secret...?

They made it! TSA did inspect my luggage and either didn't search my socks or didn't care!

I hear someone in New York City likes it quite well too!

Just a little remembrance of my time in Mathews!

AG out!