Facing Mathews

I haven't really gotten to the point where I'm ready to tell stories about Mathews County, but believe me, there are a few I'll be sharing. For now, I've just been focusing on images. Yesterday was Places. This is Faces!

Where better to start than with Janice and her lovely mamma Maryanne... Hey Mamma!


Whatever you heard about Janice being lovely and sweet... just quadruple that and add about 6 scoops of warm and welcoming... maybe a dash chunk of delightful...

The very sultry Daryl....

Ted, of Ted and Molly, our hosts at the Sea Shanty~ Check out the doily under that lamp! And the gas lamp in the ceiling... and those nesting tables... swoon! Oh yes, Faces. Where were we?

Lovely Annie... she has prettiest eyes! I was tempted to photoshop them but decided I couldn't improve on them!

My only shot of Kate without a camera in her hand...! Get the lens, Kate! Do it!


Our delightful hosts on the boat ride, Ann Marie and her husband... And Binky who wanted nothing to with me...

What a heartbreaker!


Pretty Lauren who has the best laugh EVAH!

Lovely Laurie and the irrepressible CBW!

Beloved Shelley, my erstwhile traveling companion and the keeper of my half of the brain when I'm not using it!

Delightful Meg from Maryland! Funny and Sweet!


Here we all are in all our beach bum glory!

Gosh, I miss y'all!

AG out!